Ma Tarterie
Designing the visual identity of a childhood friend's project is a big responsibility. The weight her curriculum brings with a diploma from the world's best culinary school, CIA–The Culinary Institute of America, and trendy New York restaurants such as Balthazar and crowned with three stars of the Michelin Guide, Per Se.
Back to Brazil, Stefânia Bethonico Braga decided to toast her countrymen with delicate and perfectly executed cakes and savory dishes. That's where Ma Tarterie came into being, a long-term project that we had the pleasure of participating in, through the creation of its visual identity, packaging system and website, the latter in the programming phase. The bonus was to be able to taste the whole menu during the photo session signed by Fernando Piancastelli.
Ma Tarterie logo

Ma Tarterie Logo

Ma Tarterie's packaging system: boxes for cakes

Ma Tarterie Packaging

Table with an iMac, an iPhone and other objects on a table, in front of a window. The computer screen shows one of the pages of the Ma Tarterie website, and the iPhone shows their Instagram account.

Website and Instagram

One of the two pages of Ma Tarterie's digital menu, to be sent by email and messaging apps. This page shows half of the menu.

One of the pages of Ma Tarterie's Digital Menu, to be sent by email and messaging apps.

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